WoodOil Maintenance

Re-application of Dryden WoodOil at up to two years after second coat to the areas where the
surface exhibits signs of losing capability to "bead water" or colourtone is faded principally
northern exposed faces. This coat may be extended given better quality environmental conditions
including shading, e.g. soffits.

The variety of building locality and weather conditions found in New Zealand means that in
some cases recoating may be necessary within this two years.

Keep in mind that durability of water repellency and colourtone is proportional to the amount
of WoodOil in the timber. Light application coats or thicker timbers will require additional coats
to offer this durability.

Dryden WoodOil Clear (not colourtone) will silver and weather naturally. For ongoing preservation
only WoodOil Clear, one coat should be applied up to every 3 years given appropriate initial coats.

Dryden WoodOil Slate colour may need less colourtone maintenance due to the tone being natural
silvered when seasoned.

We recommend annual washing of the surface to remove surface contaminants (dust, pollen, etc)
with clean water. This should also be done prior to any re-coats of WoodOil if in good maintenance.
If for any reason maintenance has not been kept up a stronger wash may be required prior to
re-coating with WoodOil.



Regular maintenance will significantly increase the life of your timber. Dryden WoodOil is simple
to maintain and only needs a minimum of work to keeps its good looks and continue to protect
the timber. We have approved contractor applicators who are experienced with the application
and maintenance of Dryden WoodOil. These contractors can handle new timber applications
through to restoration and refurbishment of timbers on decking, cladding through to shingle
and shake roofs. We can also create a maintenance programme for your home, business or
bodycorp to keep your valued asset in prime condition with the minimum of hassle and to help
comply with any warrantees and building code specifications.