Suitable for all types of decking timbers including soft or hardwood. The use of WoodOil is most important to extend the service life of timbers particularly with the restrictions being placed upon the future supply and use of hardwoods.

Some pine decking can be unstable and WoodOil will help reduce excessive warping, cupping, and splitting as well as reducing splintering in hardwoods.

WoodOil will absorb less heat from sun therefore is cooler underfoot than film forming coatings like stains and paints.

Natural Wood Finish
We recommend the use of WoodOil Clear in this circumstance as it will be water repellent whilst letting the timbers silver and weather having less maintenance.

Coloured Finish
If you desire a complementary colour to hold and enhance the timber's natural tones, select from the WoodOil colourtone range of colours available. Colours will require more maintenance.

Maintenance is best done on decks at the end of summer before winter; clean, then if necessary apply a coat of WoodOil. Application is not necessarily every year.

Dryden WoodOil Data Sheet is available for further information.